7 Amazing Marketing strategy of Amul: How to Take Your Brand to the Next Level!

In this blog, we will look at the Marketing strategy of Amul India along with the growth Strategy.

From innovative promotions to targeted campaigns; Amul’s marketing strategy is always been innovative and creative.

In this article, we’ll explore Amul’s marketing strategies and discover how you can take advantage of them for your own business.

All About “Amul India” and the Marketing strategy of Amul

Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative that has become a household name in India. Amul India founded in 1946, is the largest food brand in India and the world’s largest producer of milk and milk products.

Amul’s great portfolio products include Amul milk, buttermilk, Amul Dahi (mishti dahi, regular dahi), Bread spreads (ghee, butter, garlic butter), Amul cheese (mozzarella, regular), Amul mithai mate, Amul milk powders, and Amul ice cream, Amul Chocolates.

Marketing Strategy of Amul

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Benefits of Amul’s marketing strategy

Amul’s marketing strategy has enabled, the company to become one of the most successful brands in India. The benefits of this strategy include:

Understanding customer needs:

They focused to know about the customers needs and developed products that fulfill the needs that can helps to build a strong customer base and develop customer loyalty of the brand.

Strong brand image:

It helped the company to create a strong brand image by creating a recognizable logo and slogans with a mascot like Amul Girl that resonate with customers. This leads to Amul becoming a trusted brand in India.

Crafting compelling messages:

Their marketing strategy also focuses on crafting compelling messages that resonate with customers. This has enabled the company to create a strong brand identity and engage customers.

Utilizing digital media channels:

They also focused on utilizing digital media channels to reach the right target market that’s how they reached a larger audience and increased their customer base.

Leveraging Influencers:

Amul has also leveraged influencers to create brand awareness and reached a larger audience. This has enabled the company to create a strong brand identity and engage customers.

Creating unique campaigns:

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They built strong brand identity by creating unique campaigns messages and promoted them on social media and engaged customers. This helped to create emotional connection between brand and customers that leads to drive more sales.

Marketing strategy of Amul

Identifying the target audience

Amul included a target audience of all ages and all backgrounds. The company has a wide range of products that serve different consumer needs and preferences.

The targeted audience includes families, young adults, health-conscious individuals, and all other rural areas in India.

They have used various marketing strategies to reach out to each of these segments. For families and specially targeted Indian traditions, Amul always creates campaigns that focus on special occasions such as festivals.

For young adults, the company has used digital marketing campaigns to reach out to them.

The main USP of the Amul brand is that they always focused on the Quality, affordability and availability of their products compare with other competitors.

Understanding their needs and preferences

Amul has conducted great research to understand the needs and preferences of each of its targeted consumer segments.

They surveyed customers all over India and understood their lifestyle, behaviour, spending habits, and preferences for products.

It also modified its products to suit different lifestyles. For example, They introduced low-fat and sugar-free products for health-conscious customers along with launching products that are specifically designed for vegetarians and vegans.

They also used social media marketing strategy to identify the trends and interests of each segment.

This has enabled the company to create campaigns that are tailored to their needs and preferences.

Overall, Amul has conducted extensive research to understand the needs and preferences of its different customer segments to create products and campaigns that meet their needs.

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Amul has positioned itself as a brand that is committed to providing quality and affordable products to its customers.

It adopted a customer-centric approach, which is reflected in its messaging.

Amul’s tagline is “Amul – The Taste of India”, which captures the essence of the brand’s commitment to providing quality products serves by the brand.

The company also emphasized its commitment to helping people lead healthier and happier lives through its products.

Additionally, Amul has used its campaigns to emphasize its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Amul is one of the most recognized brands in India today because robust digital marketing strategy. Since the brand has established itself as a household name, the goal for its digital marketing strategy has been ensuring that all of its messaging is consistent across all digital channels.

Amul’s digital strategy includes everything from search engine optimization, content marketing, email and social media campaigns, display ads, and even influencer marketing. All of these strategies work together to create a comprehensive user experience that’s both engaging and informative.

The ultimate goal of Amul’s digital marketing strategy is to keep its customers engaged and informed about the latest products and new initiatives the company has in the pipeline.

To do this, they consistently focus on strategies that create conversational and interactive experiences.

One such example would be through their email campaigns. Amul sends out regular emails to their mailing list, highlighting the latest products and updates about the brand.

In addition to providing useful information, the emails often include promos that can be used to encourage customers to purchase items from their store.

Marketing strategy Amul’s have been always innovative and creative with an adapted target audience mindset.

The brand also makes use of social media channels to keep customers engaged. On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Amul regularly posts updates about new products, upcoming promotions, and even contests and giveaways. By creating content that allows customers to interact and engage, they can build brand loyalty and further widen their customer base.

The digital marketing strategy of Amul also invests in targeted display ads, which are strategically placed to maximize the likelihood of reaching potential customers. These ads are carefully crafted to match the customer’s interests and demographics, helping them to create personalized experiences.

Finally, Amul also turns to influencer marketing to reach potential customers. Partnering with popular influencers provides the brand with an audience that they can tap into to spread their message and showcase their products.

Overall, Amul has established itself as one of the most successful FMCG brand in India, and its success is largely attributed to its strategic digital marketing strategies. By implementing all of these aspects, the brand has been able to capture the attention of customers and keep them engaged.

Social media strategies

Amul has used various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to reach out to its target audience. Entertained them by leveraging moment marketing activities.

Created engaging content-by-moment marketing, promoted products, and build relationships with its customers.

Content marketing strategies

Amul created a content that is designed to educate customers about the their products and created emotional connection between them. They are using content marketing very effectively to reach out its target audience while launching new products and create brand awareness. They always created content that is informative, entertaining, and engaging. That helped their customer to stay timely updates with the latest trends.

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of content marketing for Amul. It helped increase its web visibility and ranking in search engine results. They optimizes web pages and content for search engines.

Because of brand authority, every top level domain want to collaborate with them by publishing the article or doing PR activities. Hence they are getting top-level domain website refers on their product, which eventually helps them to build relationships with other websites.

Additionally, They are optimizing keywords and phrases according to the audience intent. This helps Amul to target its desired audience and to get more visitors to its website.

Traditional Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing strategies such as print and broadcast advertising, direct mail, and public relations used to promote Amul’s products.

Print media advertising:

Print media advertising been always helpful for the Amul brand, it helped to reach a wide audience and created brand awareness and loyalty. They promoted products by featuring their creative campaigns in newspapers, magazines, flyers, and other print media.

Broadcast advertising:

Additionally broadcast advertising helped to reach a larger audience and to create a strong brand presence. It helped to promote Amul’s products by airing commercials on radio and television.

Direct mail:

They use direct mail marketing that helped them to reach target specific customers and to build relationships with them. Direct mail can be used to promote Amul’s products and services by sending out promotional materials such as coupons and samples.

Public relations:

Public relations helped them to create positive press and to build relationships with the media. Public relations leveraged to promote Amul’s products and services by arranging interviews with media outlets, hosting events, and creating press releases.

TV/radio advertising:

TV and radio advertising helped to reach a wide audience and to create brand awareness. and promoted Amul’s products and services by creating commercials and radio spots.

Outdoor advertising:

Creating billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising like Amul girl, Outdoor advertising helped them to reach a large audience and to create brand awareness.


Analyze and Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

Amul used a very strategic method to measure the effectiveness of his campaigns by constantly measuring the digital campaign metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and others. That helped them to measure the success of the campaign hence identified areas for improvement.

Additionally, Amul used customer surveys and focus groups to gain insight into how customers know about the campaigns and how to improve them.

Refining strategies to improve results

They improved the results by doing A/B testing to compare different versions of a campaigns and determined which one is more version of campaign is more effective.

Finally, they come with the predictive analytics to understand customer behavior’s and developed strategies that can help them to get more sales.


In conclusion, Amul has developed effective and economical strategy that implemented with tailored marketing which have given them great success.

They especially focused on understanding the consumer’s needs, and created a strong brand image, and compelling messages, as well as took leveraged digital media channels to reach the right target market.

The above-mentioned key elements are beneficial for any business to see success and growth. With their unique approach and commitment to quality products, Amul has proven the power of effective marketing strategies, helping businesses take their brand one step ahead of their competitors.


FAQ – Marketing strategy of Amul

What is the strategy of Amul?

Amul’s strategy is focused on creating a strong brand image, emphasizing quality products, and creating compelling messages to reach the right target market.
Additionally, Amul has embraced digital media channels to reach a wider audience, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and consumer needs.
Through their use of creative marketing campaigns and innovative products, Amul has achieved success and growth.

What are the 4 types of marketing strategies?

1. Product Strategy: This involves developing and positioning products to meet target market needs.
2. Price Strategy: This involves setting prices that are competitive and attractive to consumers.
3. Promotion Strategy: This involves using a variety of tactics to generate awareness and interest in the product.
4. Place Strategy: This involves making the product available to consumers in the right places.

Which advertising is used by Amul?

Amul uses a variety of advertising channels, including television, radio, print, and digital media. They also use outdoor advertising, such as billboards and bus shelters. Additionally, they use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to engage with their customers.

What is the target market of Amul?

Amul’s target market includes a wide range of consumers, including families, health-conscious people, and people looking for value for money. They also target people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

What is Amul’s pricing strategy?

Amul’s pricing strategy is based on value for money. They offer products at competitive prices while ensuring that the quality and freshness of their products are maintained. Additionally, they offer discounts and promotional offers to their customers.

What type of market is Amul?

Amul is a multinational food products company that operates in the dairy and food products industry. It is a market leader in India and has a presence in other countries, including the US, UK, and UAE. Amul is a consumer market, as they produce and sell products directly to consumers.

How does Amul create value for its customers?

Amul creates value for its customers by providing them with high-quality and fresh products at competitive prices.
Additionally, Amul offers discounts and promotional offers to its customers to create additional value.
Amul also provides customers with convenient and reliable services, such as home delivery and easy returns.

What is the best marketing strategy for Amul?

The best marketing strategy of Amul is to focus on creating customer loyalty by providing high-quality products and services at competitive prices.
Amul also focuses on creating an emotional connection with its customers by engaging them through social media campaigns and other digital marketing strategies.
Additionally, Amul engages customers through loyalty programs and discounts to further build customer loyalty.

Who Plans new marketing strategies for Amul?

The marketing team at Amul plans new marketing strategies for the brand.
This team consists of a team of professionals from various backgrounds, including marketing, advertising, public relations, and digital marketing.
The team works together to develop and execute creative strategies that will help the brand reach its target audience.

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